Student Life@ TOP
High quality teaching, learning and assessment are at the heart of all our TOP colleges. We are based in Ar’ar, Al Madinah, Al Qurayat and Sakaka. Attending a TOP college provides you with the valuable knowledge and skills to begin a successful career, with everything taught in English by qualified English speaking teachers from across the globe. During your Foundation Year, you will learn to speak, listen, read and write in English before progressing onto the vocational training program of your choice.


Different courses are available in our four colleges. Our vocational courses are each tailored to ensure you acquire specialized knowledge in your chosen field, gain valuable employability skills, and provide you with the best chance of beginning the career of your choice.


The Ministry of Education and the Colleges of Excellence set the Academic Calendar. Like our employees, we expect students to attend and be punctual 100% of the time. Attendance is critical to successful academic progression. There is a morning break and a lunch break, with 15 minutes prayer time every day. You will receive a stipend each month.

We are difference makers, aspirational and ambitious, respectful and tolerant and we champion change.

Aspirational and Ambitious

Championing Change

Respect and Tolerance

Difference Makers

Our Colleges have a range of facilities open for students to use, including: Learning Resource Centre, Canteens, Gyms, Auditorium and Cafes