Teaching @ TOP

Teaching at TOP provides teaching professionals with not only the opportunity to be a part of a fabulous project, it also provides you with the chance to professionally develop your skills, experience and knowledge that will last a lifetime.

We invest in providing development journeys for all our employees.  A critical part of this is our strategic partnership with HOW2, the world renowned teaching practice development tool which we make available to all of our teachers.

We offer opportunities for people to be involved Curriculum Development Projects for cross college collaboration.

Our Curriculum includes, English, Employability, Vocational and Gym Teaching so we are always looking for people that fit these areas.

Our Vocational areas for Assessors considering roles with TOP include:


  • Small Business Management
  • Software Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Sales Management
  • Guest Relations Management
  • Events Operations Planning & Management
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • IT Technician

What you need

If you are thinking about applying, have a look at what you need to be considered in the table below.  If you don’t quite meet the criteria, get in touch, we may have alternative vacancies available.


How to Apply

We are always looking to recruit talented experienced Teachers into our teams, throughout the Academic Year.  If you are looking to for a Saudi adventure, get in touch with our recruitment team at recruitment@top.ic.edu.sa and visit our Vacancies Page.

Employee vedio