Our Team

Dr Kathy Bland

CEO & General Manager


Kathy, joined the Team in November 2014, as Chief Executive Officer.  She brings with her over 10 years’ experience in industry and commerce, along with over 30 years in further education and has held the Chartered Institute of Quality since 1997.

She has successfully undertaken the lead role on numerous major and high profile national projects sponsored by the English Government, as well as working with Scotland and Northern Ireland government senior officials.

Kathy is happily married and has four wonderful children.

Dr Esther Howard

Principal Al Madinah College

Esther joined the team in August 2015 as the Principal of our Al Madinah College.  She is an inspirational female, achieving a PhD in Engineering.  Esther has over 40 years’ experience in education including further and vocational leadership roles.  She has been leading our College in all of their successes, with some of the highest achievement rates across the Kingdom.

Jacqui Huskinson

Principal Ar’ar College

Jacqui joined the team in May 2015.   Jacqui is Principal of our College in Ar’ar and has led the team in opening the College to the community increasing student numbers and opportunities for females.  She brings a wealth of experience from various industries, as well as experience in delivery English Programmes in a number of countries, including UK, Australia and KSA.  Jacqui also plays a strategic role in leading our Foundation delivery across all our Colleges.

Gemma Masoud

Principal Sakaka College

Gemma joined the team in August 2016.  She comes with over 10 years’ experience in various industries as well as Vocational Training providers in the UK and KSA. Gemma is passionate about successfully developing and leading high performing teams.  Gemma also strategically leads the People functions across our Colleges.

Sonia Ross

Director of Curriculum Innovation

Sonia joined the team in November 2014.  Sonia’s passion for providing vocational blended learning curriculum to increase accessibility, flexibility and engagement.  This also happens to form the basis for her Doctoral study.  She has 20 years in Further & Higher Education, 10 years’ experience in Industry and continues to place the provision of an interactive, fun learning journey for our students at the heart of her working initiatives’ at the heart of everything that we do.

Yasmin Moosa

Head of MIS, Exams & IT

Yasmin joined the team in August 2014.  She comes with 8 years experience and is a genius in developing systems and processes to support operational efficiency and delivery.  She is currently part of a project to develop an in house MIS System and this is also the focus of her Doctoral study.

Zouhair Sadouqi

Director of Finance

Zouhair joined the team in October 2016.  He has been working in KSA across various education providers in the Kingdom.  He brings a wealth of experience in leading finance teams.  He has been a member of Institute of Management Accountants since 2013.


Head of Facilities Management

Yaser Alasadi joined the team in July 2015.  Yaser is a Saudi Engineer, holding a degree in Chemical and Energy Engineering from the University of Leeds in the UK.  Yaser leads all our internal Facilities Teams and is also currently focussed on a pioneering project for sustainable energy options for our Colleges.

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