About Us
The Oxford Partnership (TOP) comprises organisations recognised internationally for excellence; Activate Learning Group, GEMs Education Solutions and Moulton College. The partners are passionate about education and the power of learning. Their collective experience clearly shows that good basic vocational education and training drives individual development, growth and prosperity.


KSA is to be commended for addressing the challenges of global competition and the concomitant knowledge economy.


High quality teaching, learning and assessment are at the heart of The Oxford Partnership. Attracting the best and most talented team is crucial to our success in providing excellent teaching, learning and assessment for all our students.


Our vocational courses will be closely matched against the employment and skills requirements of the in Sakaka, Ar’ar, Al Qurayat and Al Madinah. We are working closely with employers and local communities in each of our 4 College areas to ensure that vocational education and training courses we deliver enable students to have the skills to progress straight into employment. We eagerly await the release of additional new qualifications that will enhance our curriculum offer.


We also have an exciting and innovative initiative for Saudi women to work under our teaching and support leadership and guidance, as trainee lecturers and support professionals. Our trainee programme enables on the job experience of working in a college, whilst studying relevant and internationally recognised qualifications.

We set high standards

  • Right from the first step students take from applying to one of our Colleges through to the day they leave. We believe our students deserve the best so we have developed an exciting curriculum plan and opportunities to enable success in fantastic learning environments.
  • Realising our ambitions and aspirations for everyone on this wonderful journey of discovery is at the heart of everything that we do.

Our Courses

Associate Diploma and Diploma in Small Business Management

Small Business Management is the most popular course across all our colleges. You will study Finance, Marketing, Retail, Web Design among other exciting topics. This course will prepare you to succeed in any occupational sector. This includes Health (hospitals, clinics, and surgeries), Retail, Entrepreneurship, Education, Travel & Transport and Government departments.

Associate Diploma and Diploma in Event Operations and Planning

Our Events Operations and Planning qualification is perfect for anyone looking to start their own business in the Events sector.  This could be food related or for events, such as weddings and family parties.

Associate Diploma and Diploma in Software Development

This qualification is a great option for students who want to explore careers in Web Development, Mobile App development, Freelance IT Project work or setting up your own business.

Associate Diploma and Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety

Associate Diploma and Diploma in Guest Relations Management

This course is suited to prospective students with excellent communication and interpersonal skills. The Guest Relations sector demands meticulous attention to detail and employees who are willing to go the extra mile to ensure premium customer satisfaction.  This is particularly suited for anyone interested in moving into the Hotel or Hospitality sector.

Associate Diploma and Diploma in Graphic Design

Graphic Designers are the creators of visual concepts, using software or through hand-drawn compositions, to inspire and inform consumers. This course is best suited for creative thinkers with artistic ability and computer software competency.

Associate Diploma and Diploma in Sales Management

Associate Diploma and Diploma in IT Technicians Support

This qualification is geared for students are interested in careers in IT Support.  You will study Software installation, along with technical support, documentation, networking and system support.

We are difference makers, aspirational and ambitious, respectful and tolerant and we champion change.

Aspirational and Ambitious

Championing Change

Respect and Tolerance

Difference Makers

Our Colleges have a range of facilities open for students to use, including: Learning Resource Centre, Canteens, Gyms, Auditorium and Cafe’s