Ar’ar College meeting with HRH Prince of Ar’ar

We hold a range of events in our Colleges often developed and managed by our wonderful students opening our Colleges to the local communities.

Ar’ar College in the Press

His Royal Highness Prince Faisal bin Khalid bin Sultan bin Abdul Aziz, the Governor of the Northern Borders Region and the Honorary Chairman of the National Committee for the Welfare of Prisoners, the Released and Their Families, held a meeting with Dr. Kathy Bland, CEO and Jacqui Huskinson, Principal Ar’ar to discuss the exciting curriculum being delivered in our Colleges.



The Oxford Partnership & Fujitsu


The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has ambitions to be one of the most innovative and successful countries for technical and vocational training (TVET) globally.

The Oxford Partnership is a visionary organisation transforming the lives of young women in Saudi Arabia. It operates 4 females colleges educating & enabling them to take on roles in the workplace.

High-quality teaching, learning and assessment are at the heart of The Oxford Partnership. Attracting the best and most talented staff is crucial to the success both as individual organisations and as a partnership for this project.

The Oxford Partnership needed a strong IT partner to help them deliver, install and maintain IT equipment in the remote northern regions of Saudi Arabia. They turned to Cutter who brought in Fujitsu. The lack of central IT infrastructure meant that students were severely limited in what they could do, for example they could not could not share, save or print their work.


The challenges of installing and maintaining IT equipment in rural communities meant that Cutter had to think very pragmatically about which IT vendors to propose to its client, The Oxford Partnership. It was able to recommend Fujitsu with absolute confidence.

Fujitsu and Cutter have worked together to drive digitalisation and enable the human-centric intelligent society.